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Hello! My name is Amanda…

I Believe…

Creativity is one of the most important characteristics out there! Creativity allows us to solve problems and express ourselves; it transcends cultural boundaries, genders and ethnicities. It lets us come together to celebrate our humanity and the wonderful world we get to live in!

I started Madly Mused to help other creative individuals like me move forward in their creative journeys. Whether you are a painter, writer, designer, photographer or any other kind of creator, I want to help you be the best you can be.

There is no better feeling than letting your creativity soar! I want to help creatives take their practice to the next level and even turn their hobbies into the creative business of their dreams!

“I feel STUCK in my creative journey!”

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

I have over 12 years of experience in growing small businesses from zero, and over the years I have helped thousands of individuals get past their personal struggles to reach their goals. I regularly work with creators, encouraging and promoting their creative works and teaching them how to improve their practice and move forward.

That’s what I do at work

But like you, there is more to me than just my business life. When I’m not painting or researching business growth strategies, I can be found practicing yoga and martial arts, reading a variety of genres, and trying new wines.

Want to know more?

Here are a few fun facts about me that not everyone knows:

  • Coffee is my spirit animal, and I adore my daily Doppio Espresso Con Panna
  • I absolutely love karaoke and am always looking for the opportunity to channel my inner Whitney Houston
  • I have a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I actually passed that test while 7 months pregnant with my second child (Don’t worry, I was careful – I got approval from my doctor and chiropractor, and postponed the sparring portion until after baby was born.)
  • I am a complete Alice in Wonderland and Lord of the Rings nerd, and even have a tattoo in elvish on my wrist 😀
  • I am working on publishing my first novel – a Fantasy fiction story based around a strong, courageous female
  • I have struggled with anxiety my whole life, and found that creative expression is one of the best treatments for mental wellness that exists in the world.

If you want to get to know me even more, please check out my personal website:


If you are ready to get started on building your own creative future, I have put together some amazing resources to help you in your creative journey. I spent years compiling these resources to help individuals like me move forward with their passion and I want to give them to you for FREE! If you haven’t already done so, check out my Artist Resources and Author Resources pages and join the free membership. I plan to update these pages regularly with the most recent and helpful resources I can find.

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