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Hello! My name is Amanda…

I Believe…

I whole-heartedly believe that creativity is one of the most important characteristics out there! Creativity allows us to solve problems and express ourselves; it transcends cultural boundaries, genders and ethnicities. It lets us come together to celebrate our humanity and the wonderful world we get to live in!

I started Madly Mused to help other creative individuals like myself move forward on their creative journeys. Whether you are a painter, writer, designer, photographer or any other creator, I want to help you be the best you can be.

There is no better feeling than letting your creativity soar! I want to help creatives take their practice to the next level and even turn their hobbies into the creative business of their dreams!

I’m out to prove that you CAN make an income doing what you love!!

Hello! My name is Amanda. I’m an artist, writer, and entrepreneur and I want to help YOU turn your creative passion into a lucrative business that supplements or even replaces your income!


THIS is my passion!

For years I bought into the “starving artist” mentality that told me that no one can make a living doing what they truly love. Growing up, older family members used to tell me “you are too smart to be a starving artist”.

I know they meant it as a compliment and an attempt to push me towards what they thought were better income-producing career paths. But all it really did was tell me that my dreams weren’t good enough.

So, for a long time I contented myself with writing stories and making artwork just for the love of creating, never believing or hoping that I could actually share my work with others or get paid to do what I loved most!

Then, in college, I met my husband. He wanted to teach martial arts, but he had grown up hearing similar “advice”. Well-meaning family members and teachers told him, “Martial Arts isn’t a real job” and “You can’t make real money from doing that.”


Together, we challenged the whole notion that you can’t make a living doing what you love, and so we started a martial arts school. Over several years, we taught ourselves about small business principles and sought mentors who guided us through the systems our school needed to be successful.


Eventually, our school grew, and my husband’s dream that would “never make money” turned into a seven-figure business with multiple locations!


Suddenly, the idea of making a living from what you love to do most didn’t seem so far-fetched. I wondered if I could apply the same principles that I learned running a small business with my husband to my art and writing hobby. I asked:


Can an ordinary person really make an income from art and writing?


This simple question has become my mission and passion. I’ve been diving into the details of what it takes to build a business around a creative hobby and I plan to share everything I learn with my fellow creatives! I want to prove once and for all that the idea of “starving artist” is outdated and unnecessary.

I am going to prove to all the critics out there that anyone CAN make an income doing what they love!


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