AI technology has recently exploded onto the scene. We see AI in every niche, from art to writing to sales. And this technology is not likely to go away any time soon. There is a lot of fear around the idea that these virtual robots are going to make creative work irrelevant. Fortunately, humans are incredibly versatile creatures who constantly learn, grow and overcome. I do not believe that AI will be the death of creative work. Rather, I think that those of us who learn how to use this technology strategically can enhance our own creativity and grow our creative businesses exponentially. Check out these ways you can use AI technology for your creative business.

What is AI Technology?

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to computers that have been programed to simulate human thought processes. Companies across many industries use this technology to simplify systems and reduce human error.

They do this through algorithms that “teach” the technology new information. These computers take in large amounts of data and information, then process it, looking for patterns and making judgement calls similar to humans. AI technology can learn, reason, self-correct, and even generate new ideas.

This is good news for creative entrepreneurs. Advanced technology that can learn and reason has the potential to simplify small business and help our systems run more smoothly.

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AI for Creative Business, AI Technology for creative business, AI for creative entrepreneurs
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How To Use AI Technology For Your Creative Business

Creative entrepreneurs often have repetitive tasks and tedious business processes that take up our precious time and energy. Who wants to record sales data or post on social media when you could be making your art?

Of course, you could outsource these tasks, but we don’t always have the time and money to spend on an employee or assistant. This is where AI technology can be your best friend.



We all have pieces of our creative businesses that we don’t enjoy, but are necessary for growth.

Let AI do the parts of your business that you hate doing.

If you hate social media, use the AI tools in apps such as Hootsuite or Tailwind to write your captions, find your hashtags, and auto-post your content. Respond to common customer questions using a chat-bot that will save you time. Use AI technology to write professional emails or analyze your sales numbers.

No matter what part of your business you would like to delegate, there is likely an AI tool out there that can take over the job for you.

Brainstorm Creative Ideas

Creative block has happened to the best of us. It’s hard to come up with new ideas when stress and distraction are a constant part of life. AI technology can give you a starting off point for new ideas for products, stories, marketing campaigns and more. You can also use it for researching keywords for posts and products.

ChatGPT has shown us a lot of examples of this recently. Through targeted questioning, you can use this free app for brainstorming and idea generation. Using AI in this way can save you a lot of time and mental strain.

Enhance Your Work

The creative work you do is important and unique. The world needs your creativity, and you can use technology to make your work even better. Lots of small business apps use AI enhancements to make their products more effective. 

Examples include editing software that can now rephrase an awkward sentence and make it more understandable, photo editing software that can fix imperfections with the click of a button, and translation technology that can rewrite your work in other languages.

Tools such as Canva, Grammarly, and Adobe Creative Suite have added AI elements to their programs. Utilizing these tools can make your work more professional and help you get things done faster, with less expense than hiring someone else to do it.

Analyze Data

It’s important in business to keep track of your metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). But many creative entrepreneurs find these tasks tedious and overwhelming. Luckily, you can use AI technology to automate these processes by collecting data for you and translating it into charts and graphs for you to reference.

But that’s not all it can do for you. Once you have all that information collected, AI tech can make it easier to analyze this data and use it to create actionable steps to grow your business.

Some examples of small business software that include AI technology are QuickBooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and HubSpot. Please Note: I have not used all these apps, so I do not endorse any one in particular. 

Learn New Skills

Running a small business is a constant learning process. AI tech can make that process easier. Apps like ChatGPT can help you acquire new skills by breaking down the steps you need to follow as you learn. It can also summarize long articles and learning materials for a quick overview, and break down difficult concepts into easier-to-understand chunks.

This is incredibly useful for creative business owners who often feel overwhelmed by business concepts. With this new technology, you can focus on your creative work and then employ these AI tools when you need to learn new things for your business.


Automate and Streamline Your Systems

AI technology can not only make your tasks easier to accomplish, it can automate them so you don’t have to worry about them at all. Certain important business tasks, like creating checklists and scheduling appointments, can be set up with AI enhanced apps to take care of themselves.

You don’t need a personal assistant anymore to take care of your calendar and to keep you on track. You simply need the right AI tools in place. Apps like Trello and Zapier use AI tech to help you automate tedious processes.

Ideas for Using AI Technology for Your Creative Business

Here are a few ideas for ways creative entrepreneurs can use AI Technology to help you manage and grow your creative business.

  • Generate Social Media captions
  • Hashtag research
  • Email generation
  • Story Idea generation
  • Marketing Idea Generation
  • New Product Ideas
  • Brainstorm content
  • Inventory tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Written work proofreading and editing
  • Photo Editing
  • Summarizing information
  • Language Translation
  • Learning techniques step-by-step
  • Analyze and predict customer behavior
  • Generate checklists, timelines, and deadlines for your projects
  • Track expenses
  • Track sales KPIs
  • Analyze KPIs to find gaps and opportunities for improvement 
  • Automate repetitive tasks

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AI technology is a relatively new concept that may make some creatives feel uncomfortable. However, this technology can actually help you manage and grow your business exponentially. And since this tech is likely to be around for quite a while, savvy business owners should jump on the opportunity to incorporate some of these tools into their business processes.

AI Technology is a great way for creative entrepreneurs to delegate tasks, brainstorm new ideas, gather and analyze business data, learn new skills, and automate business processes. 


What other ideas can you think of for using AI to automate and enhance your business? Tell me about them in the comments!!

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AI for Creative Business, AI Technology for creative business, AI for creative entrepreneurs
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AI for Creative Business, AI Technology for creative business, AI for creative entrepreneurs
  • Facebook
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AI for Creative Business, AI Technology for creative business, AI for creative entrepreneurs
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