A strain in creative energy can have devastating effects on creative work and on your quality of life. If you have ever suffered from Writer’s Block or Creative block, you understand the frustration of running low on creative energy. But it can also change how you see the world and make decisions each day. Fortunately, you have the ability to unlock a deep well of unending creativity within yourself. Follow the tips in this article to manifest creative abundance in your life and heal the strain on your creative mind.

What is Manifesting?

In the most basic sense, manifesting is simply transforming an idea from mental energy into a physical reality. Many people believe that manifestation is about cosmic energy and unseen forces, and maybe it is.

But, more importantly, it is also about focus and targeted action. If you want to delve deeper into manifesting abundance in other areas of your life and business, check out my post: How To Manifest Unbelievable Success in Your Business

In order to manifest abundance of any kind in your life, you must first hone your focus. And to do that, you must set your priorities and understand the purpose behind your chosen focus. 

Why do you want to manifest creative abundance in your life? What benefits do you feel like this creative energy will bring you? What actions will you need to take to achieve the desired state in your creative mind?

Understanding your purpose and priorities will help you solidify your focus and fully commit to the actions you will take to produce creative abundance.

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manifesting creative abundance, creative mind
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What Does A Creatively Abundant Life Look Like?

Creative abundance refers to the belief in your ability to access your creative energy and use it to solve problems and create new things. Your creative mind is a powerful force that can assist you in many areas of your life.

Many people think of creative energy as the source of artistic work, but it is so much more than that. Your creative mind allows you to find solutions to challenges you are facing, helps you to see situations from other perspectives, and lets you imagine things that may not yet exist.

A person with a creative abundance mindset looks for solutions rather than problems. They believe in their ability to access their creative energy whenever they need it and trust their instincts to make meaningful decisions. 

Creative Block vs Creative Abundance

Someone with a Creative Abundance Mindset will choose not to subscribe to the idea of “creative block.” They know that creative energy is always flowing around them and they simply need to do the work to tap into it.

A person with a creative abundance mindset may occasionally experience writer’s block or creative block, but they can quickly put those feelings aside because they know these blocks stem from fear rather than reality.

A person living with creative abundance isn’t afraid of making mistakes or creating “bad” work because they appreciate the process of discovery as much as the outcome. They value learning and practice and love new ideas.

Creative Abundance In The Face Of Problems

Someone living in creative abundance is curious and enthusiastic about new possibilities. 

This does not mean that they never have reservations. But they trust in their own ability to find solutions to problems that may arise.

This trust can look like confidence in creative ability or an overflow of amazing ideas. But it’s really about controlling their fear of the unknown and valuing curiosity over perfection.

Once you manifest creative abundance in your life you will see amazing changes in your willingness and excitement to learn, explore and experience new things.

How to Manifest Creative Abundance


There are four key steps to manifest abundance in any area of your life. They are: Say it, See it, Write It, and Do It. These four steps help you solidify the desired mindset in your subconscious mind so you can make your life into whatever you want it to be.


Say It

Saying affirmations and positive identity statements helps train your mind to think in a way that attracts and cultivates the abundance you are trying to receive into your life. Say three to four affirmations out loud daily to start training your mind in how you want it to think. Here are some Creative Abundance affirmations that I recommend:


  • I am abundantly creative.
  • I have great ideas.
  • I can find a solution to any problem.
  • I can access my well of creative energy any time I choose.
  • I enjoy finding new ideas and possibilities.
  • I believe every problem is solvable.
  • I believe that my thoughts and imagination have great power.
  • My ideas are worthy of support.
  • I am capable of great creative work.
  • My creativity inspires others.
  • My creativity results in amazing outcomes.
  • Using my creativity is a worthy use of my time and energy.
  • I spend targeted time growing my creative power.
  • I am proud of my creative abilities.
  • I value curiosity and learning over perfection.

If you would like a longer list of abundance affirmations, check out my free e-book: 184 Affirmations for Abundance

See It

Sometimes, seeing is believing, and believing is the first step to becoming. When you present a picture of abundance to your mind, it helps your mind to imagine that it is real. 

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what it imagines, so your mind will begin to facilitate opportunities to make the things it imagines come to life. This is where the magic really happens.

To help your mind imagine a life of creative abundance, create a vision board filled with visual representations of what creative abundance means to you. Ask yourself a few questions to get the process started.

  •  What do you hope to accomplish by tapping into your creative energy? 
  • What problem are you currently facing that you hope to find a solution to? 
  • What does a creatively abundant life look like to you?

Find pictures that represent your future life filled with creative abundance and place them on your vision board. Look at your board every day and imagine what your life will look like and feel like when you can consistently tap into your creative energy to find the solutions you seek.


Write It

The next step to manifest creative abundance in your life is to write about it. Writing and journaling help solidify ideas and help your subconscious brain work through problems.

I suggest writing a new journal entry every day, detailing what your creative life will look like when you access your creative mind daily. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • How will your life change when you have unlimited access to your creative mind?
  • What will stay the same?
  • How will this transformation feel?
  • How will your creative abundance positively affect those around you?

The best time to do this journaling exercise is in the morning when you are already feeling creative. Use this opportunity to gaze at your vision board and record your thoughts.

Write for at least 30 minutes or one full page every day to help your subconscious mind accept the possibilities that creative abundance can bring to your life. Then, watch as your day becomes more filled with creative possibilities simply by changing your focus at the beginning.


Do It

Finally, to manifest creative abundance, engage in exercises that enhance your creativity and nurture your creative mind. These can be artistic endeavors such as painting or writing, but they do not have to be. Here are a few ideas of exercises that can help you attract creative abundance into your life:


Create something new every day.

It can be an artwork, a poem, an invention, a new outfit, or just about anything else you can think of. The point of this exercise is to engage your creative mind intentionally every single day and see what develops as a result.

The more often you practice accessing your creative energy, the easier and more automatic it will become.


Contemplate the problem.

If you are struggling with a problem, give your creative mind a chance to work on the answer. Write down the problem on a piece of paper and spend some distraction-free time thinking about possible solutions.

Don’t try to hone in on the right answer immediately. Instead, give your creative mind space to work. Then, go do something else so the problem can ruminate in your subconscious.

I suggest doing this exercise right before bed. When you wake up, write the first things that come to your mind, even if they seem impractical. Do not judge these thoughts or ideas. Just record them quickly.

Do this for several days in a row and see what solutions your creative mind comes up with when given the opportunity.

Make a list of new things you would like to learn and experience.

Fill this list with anything that brings a spark of joy or excitement to your mind. Then, set appointments for yourself to have these new experiences. Creativity requires curiosity and courage. Give yourself permission to try new things and have new ideas.



Your creative mind is a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

No matter what your job or social status is, you can improve your life and situations by manifesting creative abundance and allowing your natural creativity to flow freely into your life.

Consistent access to your creative energy can look like confidence in your creative abilities. It can also look like an abundance of new ideas and solutions to problems. Creative abundance can help you make decisions in your life that support your mental health and quality of life.

If you want to manifest creative abundance in your life, focus on the four steps of manifestation: Say it, See it, Write it, and Do it.

These exercises will help you tap into your bottomless well of creative energy that has always been available to you. Creative abundance will change your life in ways you wouldn’t have dared imagine.

What area of your life would you most like to manifest abundance? Tell me about it in the comments!

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manifesting creative abundance, creative mind
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manifesting creative abundance, creative mind
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manifesting creative abundance, creative mind
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